About Us

Our Idea

BinSmartFL is your number one source for bin cleaning services. We are a company dedicated to giving our customers complete satisfaction providing quality, reliable, and eco-friendly service at affordable prices to ensure a cleaner, healthier home and neighborhood.

Service Area

BinSmartFL started by providing its Bin Cleaning Service to residents of the Miami-Dade area but have quickly developed a large customer base in many areas over the different cities of the Broward County. 

Green Cleaning

In an effort to limit damage to the environment, we use eco-friendly products combined  with high pressure water that is heated to a temperature over 190 degrees, this process eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from your trash bins preventing spread of diseases. Our trucks are equipped to hold 100% of the water used during the process to be disposed later during the day in a safely manner preventing any damage to the environment avoiding water to be released into storm drains.

Our Process

Schedule our Service


We will notify you via text/call as a reminder before we visit your property. The service will be provided on the same day as your regular trash collection.  

Positioning the Bins


We will inspect the bins and remove any leftover from the last trash pick-up. After the bins are emptied, we will position the bins into the lifting arms.

Loading the Bins


Our truck will start lifting the bins into the cleaning area.

High Pressure Cleaning Process


With water heated over 190° and eco-friendly products, we start the  process to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your bins.

Bins are Returned


We will return your bins looking and smelling like new!. You will be notified via text or email once we're finished.